cassie s. mitchell, ph.d.


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Research Overview



My research focuses on the development of methodologies to better clinically assess and treat devastating neuropathologies (disease and injuries of the brain and spinal cord).  As a quadriplegic from the neurological disease Devics Neuromyelitis Optica, I have an intimate understanding of the impact of neurological disease and a passion to leverage my personal, scientific and engineering research experiences to positively impact the lives of patients.

I describe my profession as a "neuropathology forecaster" who predicts disease mechanisms, prognosis and potential treatment outcomes.  Much like the weather forecasters who utilize computer models that track severe weather and warn communities, I construct computer models that track disease progression and recommend to clinicians and scientists which treatments or interventions are best and when they should be prescribed. These neuropathology computer models can expedite experimental research and clinical trials by prioritizing the most likely disease causes and identifying the most promising treatments, so we can get to the right solutions faster.